BBE PTO Nominating Committee

If you are interested serving on the BBE PTO Nominating Committee (NC) for the current school year, please complete the form below. Members of the NC shall prepare a slate of nominees for each office to be presented to the board. At the Spring PTO General Meeting, the committee members shall be available to assist the President. They shall also be called upon by the President in case a ballot vote is necessary. Members of the NC are not barred from becoming nominees themselves. However, any member of the NC who is also a nominee will recuse himself/herself from discussion and voting for the position for which he/she is nominated.
* indicates required
If you only have one child at BBE, this answer will match the previous question
Please list any prior BBE volunteer experience or PTO board position(s) that give you a familiarity with PTO and/or the possible nominees
Any additional comments about the position or nomination
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